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Weekly Photo Challenge: Friend

Bohol Bee Farm, 2017

Thanks to you.❤️

           Real friends are hard to find. If you have one, thank your lucky star! As for me, I only have a couple of real friends. I don’t have a lot. It does not mean I am not friendly though. I certainly am. It’s just that for some reason, I simply do not want a lot. I want one or two and that will be enough.

          So, here’s my friend. He knows me deeply. He knows my strength and weaknesses. He can tell there’s something wrong no matter how much I cover it up with my smiles. I don’t have to say something for him to know how I feel. He already knows before I tell him. He can read me. In times of rainy days, he always shares his umbrella and makes me safe and secure. When tears fall, he wipes it away. 

           If you see my eyes twinkle, there’s no other reason but him. He is my happiness. He is my sadness. He is my anger. He is my hope. 

         Of course, he scolds me at times. We fight and I sulk. We have conflict of opinions. But I have never heard him cursing me. He gets mad at me but I always win. I always win because he says sorry first even if it’s my fault. When my days are hard at work, he is my comforter, my confidant. Encouragement like ‘It’s ok. It’ll get better. You’ll get used to it.’ These are the words that come out from his mouth when my mouth doesn’t stop complaining of how difficult my day has went. I can’t imagine my life without him. He is not perfect but I don’t want another. I want him as a friend. I want him as him.

          He is not just my friend. He is my confidant. He is my love. He is my bestfriend. He is my teacher. He is my honey. He is my fiancé.


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