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Evanescent: Weekly Photo Challenge

An evanescent moment I’m grateful I got to capture.

Sankeien Garden, Yokohama


           There I saw a bird peacefully sitting on the egde of a canoe floating in a placid lake. It seemed to be keeping an eye on the people visiting the aesthetically pleasing garden. The observant bird must have noticed me since he suddenly made a move and eventually flapped its wings. It gracefully glided in the air. What a lovely move! I quickly set my phone on Burst mode to make sure I capture every movement it would make. Life has taught me a lesson which is to make the most of  the moment. As cliche as it may sound but as what they said, you can’t turn back time. Seize the moment. So, I did! I was blitheful to have witnessed the fleeting moment that one spring day.


How about you? Have you ever had an evanescent experience? Feel free!💞

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