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Weekly Photo Challege: Reflecting

Rainbow Bridge, Minato-ku Tokyo, Japan 2017

How good God is! He moves in mysterious ways certainly. Who would have thought that a simple girl named Beth, once a demure, gullible, poor little lass would be where is she is now living her dreams. Looking at this notable Rainbow Bridge while a cute seagull was making its way to have fun in the sun made me reflect how my life veered to an almost perfect detour. My life has its twist and turns. I could say setbacks probably like me that much for I have had them even when I was small. Have you tried not eating three times a day due to the fact that you were not a princess but a pauper? Well, I have.  At my early age, I was completely aware how hard life is. I remember wishing on a star one starry night when I was out sitting on a bamboo bench made by my father seated on the side of our tiny garden. My wishes back then were so simple. What is interesting is when I was on a cruise in Tokyo, I had my solitary moment where I reflected something about my life. I told myself, “Wow, Beth! Isn’t it amazing? God is great! You might not be rich but you have been living your dreams. You haven’t become a princess but you are definitely a princess to someone’s life. Your wishes have already come true though some are still on their way to. You can eat three times a day now unlike before. You are in a foreign country which means you can earn better money and eventually foot the bill for your loved one’s needs and wants. How blessed you are!” 

Yes, with teary-eyed face, I want to say that I am blessed beyond measure!

Always keep the faith.


P.S. No reflection of something is visible in the photo. This is all a reflection of myself.╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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