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Weekly Photo Challenge~Earth

~Weekly Photo Challenge: Earth~

2017, Bohol Philippines

This is my first time to participate in WPC. I think it is interesting and seeing the gorgeous photos of those who participate led me to make my own. The theme for this week is Earth. Here is my first contribution.

A photo of two butterfly fish that seem to be enjoying and taking relish in the place they are in. Underwater environment is one of the earth’s precious jewels. Not everyone is given the chance to see this breathtaking view everyday. Ergo, if you have the chance, make the most of it. Savour earth’s masterpiece under the ocean. I have tried scuba diving and witnessed how grand the view down under the sea. Just like in the photo above, earth never fails to offer us such natural resources.  With the coral reefs, seaweeds, clear blue water and the colourful fish swimming around their paradise, I can definitely say, what a wonderful world! I just hope everyone will learn how to appreciate nature and shower it with a tender loving care. Take care of Mother Earth!╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

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