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A Teaser of My Bohol Escapade


Howdy? If you must ask, I am worn out but definitely as happy as a clam. I just arrived from my staycation in Bohol, Philippines. I had a whale of a time. We did various activities such as swimming, snorkeling, dolphin watching and scuba diving. But wait, I should say I missed scuba diving due to my tooth extraction. What a shame! Next time, maybe? So, let me correct, my boyfriend was the only one who did the scuba diving thingy. Hehe. So, yeah! These activities mentioned above are without a doubt worth it. I want to share how I enjoyed these stuff and eventually convince you all to visit one of the famous tourist destinations in my homeland. However, I need some beauty rest. I really just got back from Bohol. For the meantime, take a look at the photos as a teaser. No worries, folks. I will post the highlights as soon as I can.






There you go! Oh and by the way, dolphin watching is my favorite. I will update soon. Stay tuned!😗


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