5 thoughts on “Perspective of a Dreamer

  1. Hey!!! Thanks for following my blog! I was so happy that you found my content interesting enough to follow me!
    I think it was fate, really, that you followed me. I am currently trying to learn Japanese (its sorta difficult T.T but i am motivated)
    I am interested in your travels, but i am not sure how to follow you back?

    1. Hello, Laila! I chanced upon your blog and I saw that you like Japanese stuff just like me. You also have the charm in writing. I am looking forward to reading your entries. By the way, I am learning Nihongo as well. It is very difficult but I tell you, it will be worth it. Do you know how to write Katakana and Hiragana?

      P.S.To follow me, just subscribe. Please put your email address in the box “Subscribe to Blog via Email.” Thank you.❤

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