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Kinkaku-ji: Temple of the Golden Pavilion, Kyoto Japan


Can be seen is a small fishing deck 釣殿 attached to the rear of the pavilion building, where a small boat is to be moored under it.

October 21, 2016. Autumn. Kyoto, Japan.

I woke up early with the excitement in my heart. Took a quick shower. Grabbed my bag and headed to the train station bound to Kyoto. The cool wind blew, subtly caressed my bare face as though sending me a message to enjoy and chase my dreams. As the train started so was my train of thoughts. I daydreamed on the train while watching the varied scenery that flashed outside. The foliage of autumn was what I was most excited about that day. Well, Kyoto did not fail to impress me. The foliage was so colourful it has enthralled me. Foliage is not the only enchanting gift Kyoto has to offer actually. Kinkaku-ji Temple, does it ring a bell? It is one of the famous locations in Kyoto. What is more, it is tagged as one of the World Heritage Sites. God, it was a strikingly dazzling creation! It stands out even more with the sunlight and the reflection it gives on the pond. I am out of words to describe it so here are a few photos I took. Douzo!

The rays of Mr Sun shone brightly above the pavilion.


The momiji leaves add beauty to the pond. It was still early in autumn so some leaves were still green. Nevertheless, it is still a pretty sight. Isn’t it?

Kirei desu! Gorgeous!


See that? I would not want to miss a single chance. The closest distance I could manage. My gold! Haha.

I could not stop myself from taking photos.


There were a lot of people trying to get  perfect photos with their cameras. They were even blocking the view. But I did not let it hinder from my eagerness to take a perfect shot. Here you go! It may not be perfect for you but it is for me.

The panoramic view I have taken.


The one person responsible for this dream that came to life.

My travel buddy.


We strolled around the garden after and this little tranquil lake greeted us. I could stay here for long and would never complain.

So serene.


I like this photo. He secretly took it while I was dragging him to find a good spot to take delight in the view of Kinkakuji. He said I was too happy and he did not miss this moment to put it in a photograph.

Purely a secret photo he took.


Sorry the rooster at the top is not perfectly captured. Just look at that temple. It would not bore me I swear.

I love this shot!


View from the distance. Where the little lake is. I so love nature!

From the distance.


If you get tired of walking, no worries. There is a cafe where you can inhale fresh air while taking a sip of tea.

A cafe.


I would love to visit this place again during winter season. The snow would enhance its beauty. How fortunate I am to have witnessed how beautiful this place is.💞

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